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Ben is an Investigator who's career has taken him all over the globe. He has come toe-to-toe with a multitude of individuals who intentionally chose a sinner or saint lifestyle. Himself included.

Patrick has been inviting him to participate in this podcast for years. As a man who has lived most of his professional life in the shadows, participating in something as exposing as a podcast will likely make him uncomfortable on a weekly basis. But, he eventually said yes to Patrick assuming the listening would be stupid. Jury is still out on that one.

Old Fashion Photo by LAVA from pexels.com

Photo by LAVA on pexels.com

Photo by Kevin Bidwell on pexels.com

PATRICK PROPST - pmpropst@asinnerandsaint.com

Patrick is an ordained minister that been working with various groups and settings for over 20 years. From churches, to prisons, to civic groups, to corporations, Patrick has seen individuals and groups at their best and at their worst.

The podcast is something he has thought about for a number of years. He wanted to accent the day-to-day stories of life that reveal the best and worst that we all seem to wrestle with routinely.

Ben and Patrick have been friends for over 10 years. Their relationship began when Ben was the co-worker of Patrick's wife. You can listen to Season 1 Episode 4 Quattro Fromagio to hear more.

Patrick and Ben enjoy the myriad of topics their conversations tend to swirl around due to their unique worldviews. So grab your favorite drink and listen in as Ben and Patrick explore the sinner and saint that lie within each of us.


This podcast is a brought to you by Pachlain. Pachlain provides a creative collaboration to help you "discover your good." It offers coaching, consulting, spiritual direction and culture shaping to individuals, couples, families, businesses, non-profits, faith groups, and more. Pachlain is birthed from the culmination of Patrick's experiences and opportunities paired with his skills and passions. Patrick is not your normal "anything" and yet provides a genuine and unique viewpoint to life, relationships, problems, and solutions. Got something in your life that's not working the way you want it to, then let's connect so we can start on your "creative collaboration." Visit pachlain.com to learn more.