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You'll be famous...not really.

"The Woodford Reserve is a go-to here! Also a Blantons fan...we're still working on collecting all the cork tops. We were in Springfield, OH during 9/11 too! I remember watching all the planes and helicopters go by in the following days and wondering if one was Air Force One. I'll never not drink with 2 hands, like a baby, from now on. And I hate 100% of podcasts except this one! Well done!"

From Ari

"I binged through this podcast on Spotify recently on a road trip over the last couple of days. I enjoy the banter. They (the episodes) almost go by too fast, which means you had me engaged. You guys are great human beings, I think I'd really enjoy you guys, in person. I really enjoy it and I'll keep listening. "

From James

"You guys are pretty good! I laughed out loud several times and believe it or not the "message" kind of pertains to a struggle I am having right now with my patience at work."

From Stephanie